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DECEMBER 6, 2018

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Emergency planning is a crucial activity for performing arts organizations in order to safe guard creative assets, maintain connection with your audience, and to return to your performance schedule after a disaster strikes. Understanding some basics of emergency response will help you recover more quickly after an emergency. This interactive half-day workshop will give you the basics you need to prepare and recover from any disaster.

INSTRUCTOR: Rebecca Elder, preservation consultant and founder of Elder Preservation http://www.elderpreservation.com/

NOVEMBER 1, 2018

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Our first members meeting will be held at Southern University New Orleans, Lake Campus. Join us to learn about membership, bylaws, and how to become more involved.

New Orleans Preservation Coalition and Alliance for Response Launch

Click here for June 5th Program Agenda

When an emergency strikes your institution, you know to contact emergency services. But will you know the responders who arrive, who is in charge, and how to communicate your priorities? Likewise, will the first responders know which collections are most important, how to handle them safely, and where hazardous materials are located? Addressing these issues before disaster strikes can significantly increase your chances of a successful recovery. At Alliance for Response Forums around the country, emergency responders and cultural heritage stewards have been sitting down together, explaining their priorities and methods, and designing ways to ensure the best possible outcomes for collecting institutions in emergencies. Join us on June 5 at the George and Joyce Wein Jazz and Heritage Center for a day-long program to launch this alliance and the New Orleans Preservation Coalition.

 Prepare for the worst of times in the best of times: Workshop on textile care and salvage

The first step to salvaging textiles comes before the disaster occurs.  This workshop will focus on textile storage and care with a focus on preparing for the disaster before the disaster occurs and then what to do if your textile collections or precious family heirlooms are damaged from flood, fire or other natural or man-made disasters. Instructor: Cara Varnell, independent textile conservator and Heritage Responder.

Workshop on networks for cultural heritage disaster response and recovery

Join us for a half-day workshop on the development of networks and partnerships between the heritage and performing arts and the emergency response and preparedness sector. Case studies of the Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network and CultureAID in New York City will be presented to help guide you on how to start your own, or join an existing, cooperative disaster network. You will learn how to use the Cultural Placekeeping Guide to direct your networking efforts. Instructors: Tom Clareson, Performing Arts Readiness Project Director, and Amy Schwartzman, Performing Arts Readiness Project and FEMA Consultant.



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